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Looking for a hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey?

You have obviously come here in search of a Turkish clinic. Turkey is indeed not just a leading country in tourism, but also one of the most popular medical tourism destinations countries in the world. More than one million foreign tourists are estimated to travel to Turkey annually to seek treatment and surgery. There are also many of the tourist companies in Turkey looking for a hair transplant clinic, too.
But what is the reason behind Turkey’s popularity in medical tourism and why all the best hair transplant clinics are in Turkey? Let’s read the answers.

A country easy to enter and full of touristic places

Turkey offers touristic attractions of all kinds, including culture, history, nature, amazing landscapes, and amazing beaches with excellent tourist facilities. Turkey is actually one of the world’s leading tourism countries.
Furthermore, Turkey’s entry processes are less restrictive than many other nations. For the next 6 months, foreigners flying to Turkey will have to hold a valid passport. Turkey also has agreements with many countries on visa exemption.

Affordable prices

Much of the foreign hair transplantation patients come to Turkey from Europe and the Arab Gulf Countries. Because low prices in Turkey are a major attraction for people who want to resolve their problems with alopecia.
Turkish hair clinics, like Fly Hair Transplant Clinic, have prices starting at EUR 2,000, whereas the UK clinics charges about EUR 12,000 for the same procedure. Prices can go up to $15,000 in the United States. Thus, a clinic in Istanbul – or elsewhere in Turkey – is the best option for many Europeans and Americans in their own hair transplants.