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Eyebrows Hair Transplant Turkey

Eyebrow hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, presents a solution when the absence, density, and thinness of hair are observed on the eyebrows. Sometimes even a total lack of the eyebrows, a genetic cause, or other conditions, can occur.

We understand that the organic and geometric characteristics of a face are the key to human elegance, which is why every individual searches for an attractive face that is not flawed. Eyebrows, especially for women, are considered one of the aesthetic signs of beauty in the human face.
It’s why an eyebrow issue leads the person to check for a fast and lasting way to regain a natural look and return to daily life which may be disrupted by these problems. We at Fly Hair Transplant give you the opportunity to find an optimal solution for your eyebrow problems at the lowest cost if you are looking for a hair transplant in Turkey.

How Many Follicles are Needed for Eyebrow Transplantation?

There is indeed a not a determined number but it varies according to the situation and it differs from the number needed to restore the thickness of the eyebrows for covering a scar or vacuum on the eye. Overall, 50 to 400 bulbs per eyebrow are used in eyebrow implants.

How long does the operation take?

Depending on the situation of the patient, the number of bulbs cultivated and the areas covered, it will take about 3-4 hours.

How does an eyebrow transplant operation take place?

We use an eyebrow hair transplant system at our Fly Hair Transplant center in Istanbul that is distinguished by the ease of the treatment.
Styling of the eyebrow is performed taking into account both the patient’s desire and the medical assessment at Fly Hair Transplant Clinic, which seeks the best choice in order to make it look natural and aesthetically pleasing.
The follicles are then taken from the area of the donor on the back or the side of the head using the FUE technique. Take the grafts from the area behind the ore, where hair thinness is similar to the eyebrow hair’s characteristics.
When single bulbs are chosen which are similar to the ones of your eyebrows, the eyebrow channels are opened which are carefully implanted so they have a sharp angle, such as the natural growth of your eyebrows.
The packed follicles are then transplanted into the field of reception. Transplant starts from the nasal region nearest to and from the upper eyebrow region. Upon completion, we shall verify the necessary coverage and density of the eyebrow transplantation procedure.

What happens after the eyebrow implant?

The transplanted hair will fall after 3 or 4 weeks, but don´t worry: this is a normal part of the hair cycle, and then it will grow again in the fourth month after planting. The density of the eyebrows will gradually increase in the following 6 months.

When can I return to normal life after an eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey?

After eyebrow transplantation, the recovery period required is usually 5 to 7 days. After five days, your normal life can be practiced without any symptoms or problems that hamper your work.

How Should I Take Care of Eyebrows after Plantation?

If hair growth is done, it is impossible to pluck transplanted hair because it slows the growth cycle over time and may lead to negative results. The most important is to cut the hair follicle, which is equal to the rest of the hair of the eyebrow. As scalp grafts arrive every two weeks, they normally have to be removed.

Is Eyebrow hair transplant operations in Istanbul Expensive?

The cost of an eyebrow hair transplant begins at EUR 1500 and varies. At Fly Hair Transplant, we not only have the finest medical professionals and hair transplantation procedures in Istanbul, Turkey, but we also give you the cheapest rates and a cost-effective partnership. Just contact us and do not hesitate to learn more.