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Beard and mustache transplant in Turkey

Having a beard and mustache transplant in Turkey is one of the best things you can do as it presents you with the chance of regaining your physical appearance and your confidence. You might be experiencing some problems like the inability to grow beard and mustache or having empty spaces, or you simply want to increase density.
Beard is associated with manhood in most cultures, and is also assumed to be adding to the beauty of a man’s face; it also gives him the masculine physique he desires. These reasons caused the men with beards and mustache problems to find a definitive solution, something that is now possible thanks to modern technology.
At Fly Hair Transplant, we can supply you with the best hair transplant in Turkey; thanks to our medical expert team and the use of the latest beard transplant technology, we fulfill your desire for appearance to get the form of a beard (in terms of density, natural and shape of hair).

How many graft transplantation is necessary to get the beard I want?

There isn’t a pre-determined number of grafts in beard transplantation as the amount changes in each person. If there is no hair on the beard transplant target area, it might be necessary to implant between 4500 and 5000 grafts. If the density of hair should be increased in the area, the needed graft number will be between 3000-3500 grafts. If the only goal is to fill empty spaces on the are, 1000 to 2000 grafts will be enough.

How long does it take?

The grafts are slowly implanted to enable complete hold and organic view of the follicles because of the nature of the facial skin that is more flexible than the scalp skin. The beard transplant lasts approximately 3-4 hours, compared to 2-3 hours of scalp hair transplantation, but this depends upon the area you want and the beard density you want.
You should normally stay for only two days in Istanbul. You would then be welcomed at the airport at the landing hour and transferred to the hotel when you arrive in Istanbul. You are then led to a blood test and first consultation in the hospital. You will then go for a walk in Istanbul and have a nice time.
The operation is conducted on the second day and you should relax at the hotel. You will be arriving to test and cut the bandage the next day. And you should take your flight home two days after your arrival!

How is a beard and mustache transplant operated?

The operation is much like the implant of hair on the scalp. We will start by drawing the lines of the beard that match the shape of the face, understanding the importance of the personal wishes of the patient in achieving a naturally occurring result.
Afterward, once the anesthesia has gone into effect, the Fly Hair Transplant Center medical staff will start harvesting the follicles from the donor area from behind the head and begins to open the receiving channels.
The choice of the hair closely matching facial hair at this point is vital and can only be provided by an experienced team like the medical team at Fly Hair Transplant.
Hair follicles are then reimplanted in the reception area with a view to the angle of hair growth, so the resulting hair is normal and natural.

When can start shaving my beard?

For the first 10 days after the operation, hair implants shall not be shaved. Just scissors are generally enough for the rashing of the bearded hair after two weeks and until the fifth month following surgery; once this period has elapsed, razors or other shavers can be used.

How much does beard and mustache transplant cost?

For beard transplants alone, the costs for the package start at 2000€. Extra facilities such as housing and transportation will be added.
We at Fly Hair Transplant, not only have the finest medical team and equipment, but also the best quality and the best prices if you are looking for a beard and mustache in Turkey. Feel free to contact us now to learn more regarding your dream appearance.